Quercetti Fantacolor Daisy

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Quercetti Fantacolor Daisy

Age: 4+
Price: 29 SGD

The original tablet-shaped flower with petals that act as containers for nails, for each of the six colors, makes this special version of our "evergreen" Fantacolor, the game tacks that has entertained generations of children. The nails can thus be selected before starting the composition by placing each color in a different petal, once finished playing all the nails storing it in a central moment in the trash and the tablet will also feature perforated lid closure.

Make mosaics by inserting pegs in the tablet perforated, inventing or copying the examples included the album, is an increasingly fun, creative and educational experience which stimulates the sense of color, train the eye-hand coordination, and develop manipulative skills.

- 900 Nails 5 mm in 6 colors
- 1 tablet perforated daisy-shaped
- 1 Basket portachiodini
- 1 Albums of examples Similar Products Dim(cm) 29x29x7

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