Quercetti Fantacolor Portable Small - Mix

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Quercetti Fantacolor Portable Small - Mix

Age: 3+
Price: 18 SGD

Fantacolor Portable is a timeless game of composition that has entertained generations of children: inserting the pegs in the tablet children freely express their creativity and train the eye-hand coordination. You can invent endless mosaics or copy the examples in the album. All the pieces are contained in a single suitcase easy to carry and ideal for travel.

The tablet also serves as a lid that snaps shut and holds the nails. The handle is not only transport but also allows you to hang the mosaic on the wall to decorate your room in an original way. To undo a composition easily tips the tablet and push the pegs out.

160 Nails in 3 different diameters (10, 15, 20 mm) and 5 colors
1 tablet perforated 22 x 16 cm
1 basket with handle
1 Albums of examples Dim(cm) 32x24x6

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