Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab

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Learning Resources Super Magnet Lab

Age: 5+
Price: 54 SGD

Get magnetized. Everyone can explore hands-on with this complete 224-piece magnetic classroom set for 25 students. Grades 1+. Kit includes: 100 Magnetic chips, 100 Magnetic paper clips, 10 Marbles, 7 Magnetic wands, 2 Metal bar magnets, 2 Metal ring magnets, 2 Mini metal horseshoe magnets, 1 Plastic horseshoe magnet (5"), Teacher’s Guide, and Storage box.
- Classroom magnet set supports STEM by introducing children to scientific process, terminology, counting, and helps develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
- Learn new concepts and broaden children's content vocabulary, like attract, repel, poles, and magnetic field, and reinforce their understanding through numerous, hands-on experiments
- Oversized pieces ensure whole hand grasp and increase successful experimentation while small magnetic components improve fine motor skills
- 224-piece set includes:100 magnetic chips, 100 magnetic paper clips, 10 marbles, 7 magnetic wands, 2 metal ring magnets, 2 mini metal horseshoe magnets, 2 metal bar magnets, 5" plastic horseshoe magnet, Activity Guide, and storage box. Large horseshoe magnet measures 43/4"L x 41/2"W. Wands measure 73/4"L.

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