Creative Toys Storage Ideas For Home

Okay, having children is extremely exciting. And, pssst.... buying them toys, it's not only to see the smiles on the kids' face, sometimes as adults, looking at those toys also give us some sense of joy of childhood memories or the unfulfilled dream that becomes reality now.

However, toy storage is an issue though. For us, in Singapore, where space is a luxury, storing the toys is a headache. Toys are messy. It's everywhere, isnt' it?  What should we do?

So, here are some ideas how e can store the toys at the same time, instead of hiding it (which we cannot since we don't have space), we put it in a nice way that looks sweet to the eyes.

Click on the image to zoom in, please.

1. If you have a dedicated wardrobe, this would be nicely put systematically and neat. Oh it's like the princess' chamber (Source:

2. Creative ways to make use of underused space! (source

3.  .... or place them neatly under the dry kitchen table? (source: 4littleboyz)

4. Who say toys are messy? This is definitely giving a touch of modern art at home :) (source:

5. This is maybe one of the coolest toy storage designs that I have ever seen. Your kids are going to love the wheel toy storage and they will be glad to fill those containers with their toys. Cleaning up the toys will be something like a game too! (source:

6. Wow! Cool hanging toys idea ...(source:

7. Is that a toy storage? I don't think so, that looks like a TV console :) - (source:

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