Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 48 Piece Deluxe Set

$ 125.00
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Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 48 Piece Deluxe Set

Age: 3+
Price: 125 SGD

Makes a great gift or add on to any Magna-Tiles collection! Includes special pieces exclusive to this set like a wheeled chassis, arch, door, hole-punched triangles, and imagination pieces.

These tactile, colorful translucent Magna-Tiles are sized just right and easy to use, whether creating designs on a flat surface or building in 3-D. Basic shapes are learned through play. Magna-Tiles develops patterning, shape recognition, building and motor skills. Use them for guided activities or hours of open-ended fun and exploration.

12 Small Squares
3 Large Squares
9 Equilateral Triangles
10 Right Triangles
6 Isosceles Triangles
1 Wheeled Chassis
2 Imagination Pieces
2 Equilateral Triangles - Hole Punched
1 Arch
1 Square Door Frame
1 Magnetic Hinged Door

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