1. How do I pay?
You can transfer via various bank or using mobile apps like PayLah or you can also pay cash if you do self collection. Alternatively you can use PayPal also (you don't have to own PayPal account, as PayPal will allow you to use Credit Card as well). For more detail, please click this page.

2. Is your item really genuine and authentic?

Yes, all items are genuine branded authentic product from the manufactures. 

3. Why is your price much lower than the retail shop or even other online stores?

We work hard day and night to source all over the world, to find the right products, at the right price, and buy them on the right timing. The savings, we pass it on for you

4. What happen if I receive damaged items?

We always try our best to personally check the items before we ship or pass it to you. Since our business started in July 2011, we have very rare case of this feedback. But if this happens, due to manufacturer's fault, please inform us immediately (within 7 days), we will replace for you. If the item is out of stock, we will refund the amount. We'll pay the return shipping costs if the return is due to our mistake (you received an incorrect or defective item, etc.).

5. How is the experience of your customers?

Please read the review on our facebook page. We also posted some of the pictures of the happy kids when they received our toys.

6. Why did you start this shop?

In the eyes of the children, the world is magical and wonderful. It's full of blessings and favor. Toy is one of the tool to bring that wonderful things in their world, tool for fun, for learning and growing. We want to bring quality toys, safe and affordable to the children.

7. I want to buy a certain toy, but it is not available at your store, can I ask you to order it?

We will try our best, let us know. 

8. I am an international resident, can I buy? 

Yes, we normally use SpeedPost for international shipping, so we will calculate the shipping cost depending on the weight and dimension. For payment you can TT to our bank account or you can choose to pay using PayPal with additional 4%. We will send you an online PayPal invoice to your email and we will ship the item once we receive the payment.

9. What is Free Frustration Packaging?
It is a brown corrugate box. Easy to recycle and great for the environment! Usually manufacturer have this packaging option to save the shipping cost as it it more compact compared to standard packaging.