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Shopkins Shoe Dazzle Mid Price Playset

Age: 5+
Price: 22 SGD

- Little ones can show off their favorite pair of play shoes by displaying them on the high heel shoe stand or have her dolls check out their style in the mirror.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT - This Shopkins Fashion Spree Shoe Dazzle will make a thoughtful gift for your little one. Save on time, money, and headache while doubling the fun for your fabulous girl.
- This Shopkins toy can help encourage children to use their imagination by engaging in pretend play. They can set up their own store or act as if it is their own fancy closet.
- Now you can have even more fun with the new Shopkins app.
- Shopkins Fashion Spree Shoe Dazzle playset comes with 2 exclusive Shopkins and 2 jelly bags.
$ 22.00
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Shopkins Cupcake Queen Café

Age: 5+
Price: 22 SGD
Retail Price: 29.99 SGD

- There's lots more in store!Get your shopping shoes on. This season's new arrivals have hit the shelves! If you want some new tastes to try, then this is the season made for you! There are heaps of foods from afar! So why wait? We're open till late!
- Download the Shopkins App to unlock additional Shopkins fun!
- There's so much in store to adore when you plan a day with Shopkins!
$ 36.00
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Shopkins Season 3 Scoops Ice Cream Truck

Age: 4+
Price: 36 SGD
Retail Price: 44.99 SGD

Want the scoop on how to beat the heat with cool things to eat? The Scoops Ice-Cream Truck has arrived and it’s time to chill. Relax in the shade with some cool, cool friends who are sure to melt your heart! This treat truck is icy, creamy and totally dreamy! Chill out under the cool umbrella with some sweet friends! Comes with a very cool ice-cream truck, umbrella stand, 2 exclusive Shopkins and 2 exclusive shopping bags!
$ 24.00
$ 28.00
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Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Board Game

Age: 5+
Offer Price: 24 SGD
Price: 28 SGD

Race your Shopkins around the supermarket visiting Fruits and Veggies, Dairy and the Frozen Foods section. Collect a token at each of these locations before braving the Sundae Summits as you move toward the Bakery for one more Shopkins token! Be the first player to collect one of each kind of Shipkins tokens and to reach the Finish space to claim victory. Watch out for Runaway Cart spaces that scoot you to different departments in the supermarket! Includes four (4) collectable Shopkins characters. Two (2) are exclusive to this game.
$ 38.00
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Shopkins Sweet Spot Playset

Age: 5+
Price: 38 SGD

Things have never been sweeter in Shopville! This is one candy store with sugary goodness galore! Treat your Shopkins to a candy coated feast of fun.
- Load your gumballs into the gumball machine, turn the dial and let them roll
- Display your favorite Shopkinson a lollipop tree. Take your Shopkins for a ride in the candy cart
- So much sweet fun and heaps of ways to display. This is one dandy candy play set!
$ 16.00
$ 18.00
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Shopkins Pop 'N' Race Game Classic Game with Shopkins Theme

Age: 5+
Offer Price: 16 SGD
Price: 18 SGD

This well-known board game brings Shopkins characters to life. Players pop the dome to roll the die, then move their playing pieces around the board. When they land on another player's piece that player is in trouble--they have to move their playing piece back to Start. The first player to get all four playing pieces from Start to Home wins the game. The easy press dice dome keeps everything in place. Includes game board with enclosed die, 16 playing pieces, and complete instructions. For 2-4 players ages 5 and up.
- A well-known gameplay system featuring Shopkins
- Die stays inside the dome
- Race around the board, but don't get sent back to Start
- For 2 - 4 players